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Funny Names

Thank you to various people at alt.fan.sarah-m-gellar and all the people who have emailed my suggestions for these (if specifc people want credit, contact me - address at bottom of page):

Al Coholic
Aileen Dover
Alf A. Romeo
Alotta Fagina
Amanda Hugankiss
Anita Bath
Anita Gaye
Anita Hanchob
Anita Lay
Anna Rexia
Anne Teak
April May
Art Major
Barb Dwyer
Ben Dover
Bob Apple
Bob Katz
Bud Light
Bud Wieser
Buster Cherry
C. Senor
Candy Barr
Candy Kane
Chris Cross
Chris P. Bacon
Claude Balz
Connie Lingus
Constance Noring
Craven Moorhead
Dan D. Lyons
Dick Bender
Dick Bush
Dick Finder
Dick Fitzwell
Dick Gozinya
Dick Head
Dick Hertz
Dick Hunter
Dick N. Sideya
Dick Rasch
Dick Tator
Dick Trickle
Dr. & Dr. Doctor
Dr. Hurt
Dr. Payne
Dr. Surgeon
Drew Peacock
Duane Pipe
Dusty Rhodes
Dwaine Pipe
Earl E. Bird
Eileen Dover
Eima W*nker
Faith Christian
Farr King
Felicity Shagwell
Ford Parker
Gail Storm
Gil Fish
Hamilton Burger (Ham Burger)
Hazle Nutt
Holden McGroin
Holly Cost
Hoo Flung Kum
Hooja Nikabolokov
Hugh G Rection
High Janus
Hugh Jape
Hugh Jass
Hugh Jorgan
I. B. Banging
I. D. Clair
I. P. Freely
Ima Hogg
Ino Whobitchacockoff
Itora Bolokov
Ivan Oder
Ivan Yerkinov
Ivana Bichacrotchov
Ivana Cumalot
Ivana Humpalot
Ivana Mandic
Ivana Tinkle
Ivona Screw
Ivor Bigun
Iwonna Ryder
Jack Goff
Jack Hammer
Jack Mehoff
Jay Walker
Jean Poole
Jo King
Juan King
Justin Case
Justin Hale
Justin Time
Kandi Apple
Kerry Oki
King Queene
Lake Speed
Lee King
Lotte Nockers
Lou Pole
Luke Warm
Luv Loz
Lynn C. Doyle
Lynn O. Liam
Marsha Mellow
Marty Graw
Mary Christmas
Master Bates
May Furst
Mike Hunt
Mike Oxlong
Mike Rotch
Mike Stand
Minny van Gogh
Misty Waters
Mona Lott
Mr. Bates
Neil Down
Neil McNeil
Norma Snockers
Nu Ki Sok
Olive Yew
Oliver Clothesoff
Ophelia Balls
Ophelia Payne
P. Brain
Paige Turner
Park A. Studebaker
Pat Downe
Pat McCann
Pat McCrotch
Paul MacOck
Pearl E. Gates
Pearl E. White
Penny Dollar
Penny Lane
Phil Dunderpants
Phil Latio
Phil McCavity
Phil McCrackin
Phil McCreviss
Phil Rupp
Quan Kosov
Richard P. Cox
Rick Shaw
Rip Torn
Robin Banks
Russell Leeves
Rusty Carr
Sally Forth
Seymour Butts
Seymour Butz
Seymour Wiener
Shanda Lear
Skip Dover
Skip Roper
Sloberdown Mycockyabitch
Sonny Day
Sue Yu
Summer Camp
Tarre Beach
Teresa Green
Tess Steckle
Tim Burr
Tom A. Toe
Tom Katt
Tora Titov
Trina Woods
Warren Peace
Warren T.
Wayne King
Will Wynn
Willie B. Long
Willie Nailer
Willy Shafter
Willy Stroker
X. Benedict

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