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The Meanings of SMG

Thank you to S. Bluemel, P. Bluemel, RichieH, Sanitor, myself, and all the other people who have contributed.

Saccharine, Magnanimous and Gregarious
Sacreligious Medieval Gargoyle
Saddam must go
Sad Men love Gaye
Samsung Makes Gadgets
Samsung Microwave Garnisher
Sarah in My G-string
Sarah Makes Gold
Sarah Married for Good
Sarah + Me = Gold
Sarah, Me ... GREAT!!!
Sarah Michelle Gellar
Sarah + Mike + Graeme
Sarah Misses God
Sarah + Money = God
Sarah Must Go
Sarah's My Girl
Sarah's My Girlfriend
Sausages, Mashed potato and Grapes
Scud Missle Guidance
Sculley and Mulder Get bitten
Secret Metal Garage
See Me Go
See Me Gone
Sell More Goods
Sequential M Gearbox
Serbian Milosevic Git
Sex Machine Guns
Sex - Mad and Great
Sex, Men and Grapes
Sex + Men = Git
Sex + Money = Good
Sex + Mother = Gross
Sex Must Go
Sexy Married Gellar
Sexy Marvelous Girl
Sexy Mystery Girl
Sexy: Mystical Girl
Shag Me, Gellar
Shag My Goat
Shag My Goose
Sharks + Meat = Gulp!
She Makes Geesh!
She Makes Gold
She Marries Good
She Must Go
She's Mine Guys!
She's My Girl
She's My Girlfriend
Shoot More Guns
Show Me Girls
Show My Girl
Shut My Gong up
Shutup, Move, Get
Silly Man Gags
Sidewinder Missle Guidance
Sing Monkey Gibbon
Skinny Maid in G-string
Skip My Graphics
Slap Miz Gwyneth
Slap Mother's Grandfather
Slice Me Gammon
Slide Me the Gravy
Slimy Mealtime Grass
Slimy Metal Gears
Small Machine Gun
Small Machine Gunner
So Many Guns
Sodomise Mancunian Guerillas
Some Mayonnaise, Gunther
Soft Muddy Ground
Soft Molten Grains
Sold My Guitar
Some Men are Gay
Some May Gripe
So Many Gay acronyms
Sold My Gate
Sounds like Many Gimps
Some Made Galleons
Solid Metal Glass
Some Malapropisms are 'Gert'
Some Might Gawk
So, Miss Gellar
Sparkling, Mystical Girl
Sparkling, Mysterious Girl
Sparkling Mystery Girl
Spank My Girl
Spank My Girlfriend
Special Men are Great
Special Mental Gum
Spider Man Glides
Special Mix Glows
Such a Marvellous Girl
Suck My Groin
Still Muddy Gravy
Sweet Mother of God! (by Ben Phillips)
Suck your Mother's Grapefruit
Sub-Machine Guns
Stunning Marvellous Girl
Stuwart and Micheal Grieve
Stupid Metal Git
Stupid Maniac Gits
Smooth Munchy Gateau
Smell My Goat
Small Monkey's Guard-rail
Smeg, My Goit
Smeg My Grandmother
Stalin's Maladroit Government
Stop Me Gibbering
Sweet and Mad Girl
Super Marine Gods
Stupid Motherfu*ker Git
Stop Messing with Girls
Stop My Girl

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