BtVS Character Info


This information applied to the end of Season 2.

Buffy   Buffy Anne Summers - Sarah Michelle Gellar
The slayer, the chosen one, the only girl in all the land with the skill and strength to seek out and kill vampires. Ex-cheerleader from L.A.

Xander   Xander (Alexander Levelle Harris) - Nicholas Brendon
A friend of Buffy and Willow, he has almost no fashion sense but is loyal to his friends.

Willow   Willow Rosenburg - Alyson Hannigan
A computer genius who's sweet, but shy. Begins to blossom a little more once Buffy arrives. She's known Xander since they were children.

Rupert Giles - Anthony Stewart Head
He used to be a museum curator in England, but he moved to Sunnydale because of the fact that he is Buffy's Watcher. Collects occult books and currently works as the high school librarian

Cordelia Chase - Charisma Carpenter
The reigning queen bitch of Sunnydale High. Initially tries to befriend Buffy, but declares her a freak after seeing her with a stake.

Angel - David Boreanaz
A vampire with a human soul. Moody, with a tendency to brood about his less than perfect past. Has a 'thing' for Buffy and often looks out for her.

Jenny Calendar (Dead) - Robia LaMorte
A teacher and Sunnydale High's resident techno pagan. Prefers computers to books, to the absolute horror of Giles. Has previously removed a demon from the Internet.

The Master (Dead) - Mark Metcalf
Vampire bad guy of Seaon One. Managed to escape his confinement in an underground church where he has been trapped for decades due to an earthquake only to be confronted by a pissed off Slayer.

Darla (Dead) - Julie Benz
Lovely blonde vampire, of the Catholic schoolgirl look. Former lover of Angel, who made the fatal mistake of turning her back on him whilst trying to kill Buffy.

Principal Bob Flutie (Dead) - Ken Lerner
Former Principal of Sunnydale High. From the school of positive thinking. Was eaten by a group of Hyena possessed students, which was rather a messy death.

Principal Synder - Armin Shimmerman
Troll-like replacement Principal of Sunnydale High. Is not fond of Buffy and her friends. Also looks like a Ferengi (Star Trek referrence).

The Annointed One (Dead) - Andrew J Ferchland
A child vampire who became a member of the Master's Order of Aurelius, but he was too annoying.Spike ended up incineratnig him.

Spike   Spike (William the Bloody) - James Marsters
He tried to be Cockney. A vampire with a bleached hair and lots of one liners. Has killed two Slayers and is looking to make Buffy the third. Completely devoted to Drusilla.

Drusilla - Juliet Landau
Lovely and frail vampire with a South London accent. Not completely there in the area of mental stability. Was nearly killed by an angry mob in Prague. Known to see the stars while still inside.

Joyce Summers - Kristine Sutherland
Divorced mother of The Chosen One. Moved to Sunnydale to be an Art Gallery proprietor, and is completely unaware of Buffy's purpose in life.

Oz   Oz (Daniel Osbourne) - Seth Green
Lead guitarist of Dingoes Ate my Baby, also a werewolf. Often comes out with cool one liners.

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